Maintaining your rug


Once you have selected your rug and it is on your floor, a few easy steps of care and maintenance can ensure you get the best from your rug.

The best way to care for your rug is to keep it clean, keep it straight and square, and rotate it a couple of times each year.

Anti-slip underlay will keep your rug in place and avoid any folds and creases, while keeping its original shape.

Rotating your rug should keep wear and exposure even over the rug.

Regular and gentle vacuuming should pick up most fluff and crumbs, however we do advise against over vacuuming your rug.

Avoid “Dyson” style rotating and agitating heads on delicate weaves - a simple non-rotating, non-spinning, non-agitating head is recommended to avoid undue wear.

See our “rug cleaning page” for help with cleaning and stain protection.

Tufts and Sprouts in the fibre should be trimmed or repaired and any damage to the edges or pile should be repaired immediately.

Regular removal of dust, dirt and sand is the easiest and best way to prolong the life and preserve the feel of the fibre. Small sand like particles and crumbs cause wear on the fibre and can change the feel of the rug underfoot.

Regular removal of dust and dirt is highly recommended for anyone with allergies to dust mites etc.

A simple lift and shake of the rug can bring small bits like crumbs and sand to the top of the pile where it is easily vacuumed.

Where possible, we recommend flipping your rug upside down on a hard floor every 3 - 6 months. With a gentle shake the small fine particles will fall onto your floor and are easily swept up.

The old fashioned beating of a rug is still an acceptable and effective way to remove built up dust and dirt from your rug. On a preferably warm and sunny day leave your rug outside in the sun for 30 mins or so. The heat softens the rug reducing the chance of tears and damage. Hang the rug over a rail or bar and beat the back of the rug gently with a flat paddle or such, and watch the dust fly out.