Rug Cleaning Service



Keeping your rug clean will prolong the life of your rug and maintain it’s original look and feel.

We offer a professional cleaning service to wash and dry your rug

Simply drop your rug into to our showroom and it will be cleaned and ready for collection 7 – 10 days later.


Regular and gentle vacuuming should pick up most fluff and crumbs, and we advise against over vacuuming your rug. “Dyson” style rotating and agitating heads should be avoided on some weaves, and a simple non-rotating, non-spinning, non-agitating head is recommended.



Prompt spot cleaning of spills is essential - left unattended, although not immediately visible, these spots can develop into stains or discolouration over time.

Any spills should be blotted up and cleaned as soon as possible. Simply blot up with a cloth or towel repeatedly until no colour transfers to the cloth. Use a damp cloth to bring out as much of the spill as possible, and clean from the outside of the stain to the centre.

Salt is a great absorber and can help lift some spills, and Soda water can be used to rinse.

For stain protection on wool rugs - ask us about “MicroSeal” or “FibreProtect” -  professionally applied to your rug in-home, and stops stains and spills from penetrating into the fibre.

We do recommend "Martha's Wool Mix" for spots spills and small stains. "Martha's Woolmix", is gentle, very thorough and doesn't need rinsing. Mix with cold water until frothy, squeeze out your cloth or sponge, and use the froth to do the cleaning.

Always be careful not to get to much water in the rug as this can cause colours to run. Always mop up any excess moisture and get the pile dry as promptly as possible.

Many off the shelf carpet cleaners and stain removers will remove natural oils and protection from the fibre of your rug – for the best result take your rug for professional cleaning before trying any stain removers.

We advise against “Steam Cleaning” your rugs while on the floor – this can lead to colour runs and a change in feel, and advanced deterioration when not dried appropriately.

We recommend only using a professional and experienced rug laundry to clean your rugs.