Runner Fringe

Runner Fringe

Runner Fringe

Regular price $80.00

  • Overlock, fringe or mitre your runner ends
  • Gives a neat and finished look
  • Adds approx 1 week to ETA
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Fringe Runner Ends

We will add a fringe to the ends of your runner to for traditional look

  • $80 per runner
  • Suits traditional runners

 Adds approx 1 week to ETA

For a finished end - add overlocking, fringing or Mitres to your runner

Overlocked ends - $30 per runner / $15 per end

Fringed ends - $80 per runner / $40 per end

Mitred Ends (returning border) - $250 per runner

Runner finishing services add approx. 1 week to ETA

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