Rug Placement - Under Tables

Rug placement can be tricky - in this blog we will cover some hints and tips for rug placement under dining tables.
A good rule of thumb is to have your rug extend anywhere from 60 to 70 cm or more from the edge of your table. This should allow chairs to stay on the rug when in use and also helps to define the dining area.
160 x 230
160 x 230 is a popular size for apartment living and smaller spaces. A four seater dining table can fit across a 160 x 230 size rug, with room for chairs to move at each end of the rug.
200 x 290
200 x 290 is ideal for many 6 seater dining tables, with room on the sides for chairs. You can fit up to 8 chairs on a rug this size, however chairs at each end may extend past the rug when in use.
240 x 330 or 250 x 350
A 240 x 330 or 250 x 350 size rug is often paired with an 8 seater table, allowing chairs on the ends to move while staying on the rug.
300 x 400
300 x 400 is the maximum size available in most ranges and will fit most family tables with room on to spare. Suits large open living spaces.
200 / 250 Round                                      
Round rugs are great for round dining tables. Depending on the diameter of your table a 200R rug will easily fit 4 chairs on it, with room to move, and a 240 or 250 cm round can fit 6-8 chairs depending on the table.