Rug Placement Guide

Rug size and and placement can influence the entire look & feel of your living space. Size does matter and bigger isn't always better.

In our first guide to help create a home for your rug, we will take a look at rug sizes and placement.

The first step in determining which size suits and how to place your rug in its setting is to know the standard rug sizes - you can find a list of many standard rug sizes here.

standard rug sizes

Over the years there has been a shift with how rugs are placed and used in our homes.

Centrally placed rugs with furniture around the edges are often making way for larger and oversized rugs that involve the furniture on the rug and help define the space.
Large and oversize rugs will bring big spaces together to feel more cosy and inviting, and work well with the large lounges popular today.
In open plan living areas featuring continuous hard flooring throughout and unrestrained by traditional walls, the rug should help soften and define the space.
Rugs can be used to divide different living areas into practical and inviting zones.
It is important to remember not to overcrowd the room, and leaving space around your rug and furniture can give the impression of a larger room.
We like the idea of a rug extending past the end of the sofa, and in most cases the entire sofa does not need to sit on the rug.
Placing your rug aligned with an entertainment unit, windows or other fittings will all combine to complete the overall feel of your space, and we believe rugs should never sit hard up against a wall, shelf or entertainment unit.
which size
The easiest and best way to get a quick idea of which size rug will suit your space is to place something on the floor to map out the space.
Folding bedsheets or blankets to cover the floor to the standard rug sizes will give a good representation of the impact of each size and how much floor is still on show.
Grab a blanket or sheet, fold it out to simulate the rug and see what size suits.
If you are still not sure, take a picture of your space, head instore or drop us an email and we will be happy to help you find your rug, and love your rug.
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