We love rugs - Love your rug

Welcome to our blog!

This is our blog and we're sticking to it.

It's our place to ramble & rant, inform and educate, and occasionally baffle you with some bull-dust.

We love rugs, and will be using this space to provide hints and information to help you find your rug, and love your rug.

Our blog will feature some guides on cleaning and maintenance, simple hints to help with the inevitable, occasional mess. We will get into sizes and rug placement too, as how the rug sits in the space can be as important as the style or design.

We will also explore the many different fibres and their properties alongside the various manufacturing processes that produce the wonderful world of rugs we live in.

We've got years of experience and kilobytes of information to share to help you get the most out of your rug, a few tales to tell, some staff to spotlight, and hopefully a rug for your floor.

Like many blogs, we start with good intentions of updating this space regularly with information and guides, hints and tips, the odd bit of wit and wisdom, alongside the obligatory self promotion.

Check back soon to see if we've kept to our word.

The team, 

M and M Rugs