Wool Rug - Cleaning Guide

Wool has been been used for thousands of years and continues to maintain its place as the premium fibre for rugs. Wool has naturally insulating and fire retardant properties and cleans well.

Naturally insulating properties means wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Added bonus? Super soft and lush underfoot.
Your rug may shed a little when new, but nothing a light vacuum can't fix, and shedding will settle over time.
When vacuuming, we recommend a simple non agitating, non spinning vacuum head, not a 'Dyson style' rotating head as this can disturb the fibres and cause undue wear.
Vacuum once or twice per week to maintain fibre quality. 
For spot cleaning, we recommend Martha Gardner's wool mix.
For optimal results, dilute in warm water, using just the foam you create by mixing, gently dab (don't scrub) the spill with a white cloth until the cloth dabs clear.
If the stain still wont budge, we recommend a professional clean. The less products you use on the rug, the better chance we have of removing the stain. Some cleaning products may discolour your rug or remove natural oils from the wool and make the stain worse.
When your rug needs a clean, bring it to our showroom in Bentleigh East. We offer a cleaning service from $40 per sq metre for most rugs.
To avoid stains penetrating your new wool rug, we recommend MicroSeal.
Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration will come to your house and apply in situ. Micro sealing is eco-friendly and non toxic.
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