Polypropylene Rug - Cleaning Guide

Polypropylene is a non-shedding and non-absorbent fibre. It's great for high traffic areas and families with children and pets.

Polypropylene is so easy care there is not much to tell. It's durable and easy to clean. A regular vacuum (even underneath) is a great way to keep the fibres healthy.

Non absorbent to most liquids (apart from oil based spills) a simple sponge and wipe clean solves many problems.

Spot clean with Martha Gardner's Wool Mix (yes, you read that right), and when it's time for a deep clean, bring it into us and we can organise professional cleaning at our rug laundry (cost varies depending on the rug size).

For heavy spills, animal accidents, or worse, treat it like a wool rug. Clean with a damp or wet cloth, blot - don't rub, keep blotting until there is no more transfer and dry promptly. 

See our previous post on caring for your wool rug - just because its synthetic doesn't mean you can't treat your polypropylene rug like a wool rug.

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