Texture V's Flatweave Wool

We often get asked about the various weaves and textures available in wool rugs. At our showroom we carry a large selection ranging from flatweave rugs, through to plush pile and a range of textures, baubles and loops. We have a great range of options to suit most tastes and styles.

Flatweave rugs, as the name suggest are rugs that have been woven to have a flat pile. Flatweaves are very practical, low maintenance and easy to live with - making them perfect for families with young children or pets. This modern style of rug is fantastic under dining tables, as chairs can move easily across the pile without getting caught, minimizing wear and tear. Some interesting flatweave variations have made their way into our store of late and this style of rug is very popular among Coastal and Skandi settings.

Kobe Flatweave                  Brazil Flatweave              Silhouette

Textural wool rugs and weaves will typically have more volume and feel softer underfoot than a flatweave rug. Weaves and textures are cosy and inviting and great for lounge rooms and bedrooms. They add volume and warmth to a room, and give you something to sink your toes into in winter. Textures and weaves range from simple weaves and braids, through to chunky baubles and loops.

Below are some photos of the various textures we have in the showroom.

Barossa - Loop                Magic - Bauble             Drake - Textured Weave

Plush pile rugs are woven with a cut pile without loops or weaves. Soft and generous underfoot, our plush pile selection ranges from modern inspired designs and simple graduations through to single colour pieces.


Diva - Plush Pile                   Moscow - Plush Pile

To see and feel the ranges available drop in or call us to check out the range of textures, flatweaves and plush pile rugs

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