Fibres & Sizes

Fibres & Sizes

  • Most rugs are made to a standard size
  • Many ranges are available across a range of standard sizes.
  • Not all ranges or designs are availble in all sizes
  • Variations - Individual rug measurements may vary up to 10cm from any of the standard sizes.
  • Rugs are not all perfectly straight or square, especially hand made rugs
  • Hint - cover the floor with a bed sheet or blankets folded out to standard sizes
  • Covering the floor gives the best idea of the impact of size


Metric (cm)General useImperial (approx)
120 x 170 cm Entrance 4' x 6'
160 x 230 cm Coffee Table 5'3 x 7'7
200 x 290 cm Large Lounge 6'7 x 9'10
240 x 330 cm Dinning Table 7'11 x 11'2
80 x 150 cm Bedside 2'6 x 5'
60 x 90 cm Doorway 2' x 3'
67 / 80 cm wide Runnners available cut to length 2'2" / 2'6" wide
70-80 x 300 fixed length ready made runner rugs 2'2" - 2'6 x 9'10"

*not all ranges available in all sizes

Rug Fibres

  • At M & M's Rug Shop you will find rugs made from a range of different fibres with various properties.
  • Certain fibres may perform better or be more practicle depending on the rug use.
  • Choosing a fibre that suits your needs and requirments will ensure a long and happy relationship with your rug.
polypropylene oil based synthetic fibre, does not shed or lose fibres. Easy to maintain. Non-absorbent to most spills, colourfast and hard wearing. Polypropylene rugs are machine made in Belgium, Turkey or China and are available in tradtional designs, modern and shag rugs.
heat set heat treatment of polypropylene fibre to improve look and feel and ensure anti static properties All Polypropylene rugs at M & M's are heat set
bcf poly basic polypropylene fibre, not heatset. will shine, has plastic feel, hard to vacuum. We do not stock BCF polypropylene rugs at M & M's Rug Shop.
wool sheeps hair, soft, tough, warm, fire retardant, will shed fibres - especially when new, absorbent but does have natural oils to resist some stains. Wool will always cost more but should last longer and should go through the cleaning process better than a synthetic rug
jute / sisal / coir natural plant based fibres - ie bark of tree, coconut husk. Generally fire retardant, tough, hardy. However they are usually absorbent, meaning spills will show, will shed fibres,
polyester oil based synthetic fibre, does not shed or lose fibres. Easy to maintain. Non-absorbent to most spills, colourfast and hard wearing. Polyester usually has brighter shine and fine texture. Mostly used in shag rugs.
viscose synthetic fibre, artificial sillk. Silk Look / Silk Feel. Has shine and fine texture. Often used as highlights in modern rugs or shag rugs. Also available as small mats.
acrylic synthetic fibre, wool look and feel, will shed fibres, absorbent. Most of our acrylic rugs are hand tufted from China
hand tufted tufts of fibre are passed through base with tufting gun and glued in place Most of our range of modern designs are hand tufted in acrylic or wool
machine made rug is produced entirely on machine, mostly from European manufacturers.
hand knotted each tuft of wool individually knotted by hand onto base of rug

160 x 230 cm rug in lounge 200 x 290 cm  rug in lounge 240 x 340 cm rug in lounge
300 x 400 cm rug in lounge 160 x 230 cm under bed 200 x 290 cm under bed
240 x 330 cm under table 300 x 400 cm under table  160 x 230 cm under table