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Fibres & Sizes

  • Most rugs are made to a standard size

  • Many ranges are available across a range of standard sizes.

  • Not all ranges or designs are available in all sizes

  • Variations - Individual rug measurements may vary up to 10cm from any of the standard sizes.

  • Rugs are not all perfectly straight or square, especially handmade rugs

  • Hint - cover the floor with a bed sheet or blankets folded out to standard sizes

  • Covering the floor gives the best idea of the impact of size


Metric (cm)

General use

Imperial (approx)

120 x 170 cm Entrance 4' x 6'
160 x 230 cm Coffee Table 5'3 x 7'7
200 x 290 cm Large Lounge 6'7 x 9'10
240 x 330 cm Dinning Table 7'11 x 11'2
80 x 150 cm Bedside 2'6 x 5'
60 x 90 cm Doorway 2' x 3'
67 / 80 cm wide Runners available cut to length 2'2" / 2'6" wide
70-80 x 300 fixed length ready made runner rugs 2'2" - 2'6 x 9'10"

*not all ranges available in all sizes

Rug Fibres

  • At M & M's Rug Shop you will find rugs made from a range of different fibres with various properties.
  • Certain fibres may perform better or be more practical depending on the rug use.
  • Choosing a fibre that suits your needs and requirements will ensure a long and happy relationship with your rug.

Synthetic Fibres

Bulk Continuous Fibre (BCF) Polypropylene:
  • Basic Polypropylene Fibre

  • Hard plastic feel/Sticky under-hand.

  • M&M’s Rug shop does not sell BCF Polypropylene

Heat-Set Polypropylene (HSPP):
  • Polypropylene that is heat-treated to soften the edge.

  • Will maintain colours for a long time.

  • Will not absorb water-based spills.

  • Resistant to mould and mildew.

  • A fibre that mimics the look and feel of silk.

  • Has a visible shine and a fine texture.

  • Often used as highlights in modern wool rugs.

  • Closest substitute to wool.

  • Acrylic is weather resistant, static and stain resistant.

  • Not suitable for high traffic areas.

Natural Fibres

  • The most durable natural fibre, repels soil and disperses light.
  • Easy to maintain as dirt and grit are stored high in the pile, up to 25% more dirt and grit is released than synthetic fibres
  • Suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Natural plant-based fibre that is very durable.
  • Easy to clean by vacuuming the dust out of the woven texture.


160 x 230 cm rug in lounge 200 x 290 cm  rug in lounge 240 x 340 cm rug in lounge
300 x 400 cm rug in lounge 160 x 230 cm under bed 200 x 290 cm under bed
240 x 330 cm under table 300 x 400 cm under table  160 x 230 cm under table
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