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Rug Cleaning


In most households rugs will encounter all manner of adults, children and animals constantly walking, playing or laying on them, depositing dirt, sand, dust and crumbs. If left in the rug, this dirt grinds between the fibres and will cause deterioration of your rug.

In association with Melbourne's premier rug laundry we are able to provide a professional rug cleaning service with rugs picked up from our showrooms every Tuesday, and returned clean one week later. Cold weather, thick rugs and large rugs can sometimes add an extra week to cleaning time.The Rug Laundry we choose to use has 30 years' experience in caring for Oriental and Designer Rugs. Highly trained and professional staff have the expertise and dedication to clean and care for your rugs.

To achieve optimum wear and comfort from your rug, it should only ever be cleaned by a professional rug laundry.

We recommend a professional clean every 1-3 years, depending on rug use. Email or call with your rug measurements for a free quote

We do not recommend steam cleaning your rugs with your wall to wall carpet. Every rug should be cleaned according to its make and fibre, then hung and air dried. The easiest way to shorten the life of a hand tufted rug is to have it steam cleaned while laying on the floor.

For a free quote simply call or email with rug measurments - length and width

Phase 1 - Pre-Inspection First and most importantly, all rugs are inspected carefully on arrival, exact condition and requirements for cleaning of the rug are determined.
Phase 2- Pre-Clean Prior to cleaning, all rugs are thoroughly agitated to remove as much dry soil as possible.
Phase 3 - Stain Removal Wet area - all rugs are pre-treated for stains. Cleaning solutions are applied and gently massaged into the rug.
Phase 4 - Rinser Wringer Rinser Wringer - removal of soil and detergents is very important for maximising the lifespan of any soft furnishing.
Phase 5 - Drying Room Drying Room - Rugs are hoisted up and dried in a climate controlled drying room to ensure quick drying.
Phase 6 - Final Phase Finishing - Fringes require hand cleaning and rugs are inspected for any other areas requiring attention.
Silk rugs are treated in special proprietary ways to ensure that the genuine silk finish and feel is retained.

We cannot guarantee anything beyond our control such as pre-existing damage, loose dyes, shrinkage, dry rot, flood damage, latex breakdown and the removal of some stains and odours. For example - urine, bleach, acid and food dyes. While every attempt is made to remove these stains or odours, they can rarely be removed completely. All rugs are cleaned to the best of our ability and we accept no responibility for the condition of the rug.

M & M's Rug Shop reserves the right to refuse to accept a rug for cleaning.

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