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Rug Info and Ideas

   The best idea is to shop from M & M's Rug Shop - mmrugs.com.au 

  Which size....? 

  • a helpful idea is to fold out a bed sheet or blanket on the floor to test standard sizes
  • covering the floor gives the best representation of the impact the different sizes can have on your room
  • a tape measure, or tape border on the floor will not show the impact of covering the floor

Bigger isn't always better....

  • especially for smaller spaces
  • sometimes a room or area can look bigger with space around a rug
  • rugs will often look best surrounded with a border of flooring
  • a few centimetres between your rug and couch gives a glimpse of flooring and a sense of on-going space
  • smaller spaces can look bigger with a regular sized rug and exposed flooring
  • a large rug can crowd a room or space and make it feel smaller than it is 

Bigger can be better...

  • when it comes to larger areas and rooms
  • a large rug can define an area and its feel or formality
  • large open plan living spaces can use big rugs to denote differing areas
  • a rug leading under a couch or sofa can combine texture and feel to expand your relaxing areas
  • large flatweave rugs are fantastic under tables and work great with chairs moving on them
  • a large rug can protect your floor from wear and tear and everyday scratches 

Some ideas about sizes...

  • these are only ideas and suggestions......
160 x 230 cm rug in lounge               200 x 290 cm  rug in lounge
 240 x 340 cm rug in lounge    300 x 400 cm rug in lounge
 160 x 230 cm under bed    200 x 290 cm under bed
 240 x 330 cm under table    160 x 230 cm under table


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