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Rug Care And Maintenance

The best day to day care you can give your rug or carpet is to regularly vacuum, combined with prompt spot cleaning of any spills, and a regular (depending on use) shakedown of your rug.

Any spills must be blotted up and treated as soon as possible. If left unattended, although not immediately visable, these spots will develop into yellowing stains with time.

A Spot'n'Stain Remover is available at M & M's Rug Shop. A simpe cleaner. Simply spray the stained area, leave for 30 seconds and then blot up with a dry absorbent cloth. This is safe to use with natural and synthetic fibres and is extremely effective.

We also recommend "Martha's Wool Mix" for spots spills and small stains. "Martha's Woolmix", usually available at woolworths, is gentle, very thorough and doesn't need rinsing. Mix in a container with cold water until frothy, squeeze out your cloth or sponge, and use the froth to do the cleaning. Be careful not to get to much water in the rug as this may cause the colours to run. Always mop up any excess moisture and clean from the outside of the stain to the centre.

Regular removal of dust, dirt and sand is the easiest and best way to prolong the and life and preserve the original feel of your rugs.

We recommend flipping your rug upside down on a hard floor every 3 -6 months. With a gentle shake the small fine particles will fall onto your floor and are easily swept up. We recommed this very highly for anyone with allergies to dust mites etc.

The old fashioned beating of a rug is still an acceptable and effective way to remove built up dust and dirt from your rug. On a preferably warm and sunny day leave your rug outside in the sun for 30 mins or so. The heat softens the rug reducing the chance of tears and damage. Hang the rug over a rail or bar and beat the back of the rug with a flat paddle or such, and watch the dust fly out.


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