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Jarjums - Mother Earth

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Jarjums - Mother Earth

Design by - Kohen Sines

Handtufted NZ Wool Blend | Made in India

160 x 230 cm | 200 x 290 cm

Origin : India
Fibre : Pure Wool

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Mother Earth Raging Sands – By Kohen Sines “

This design shows the story of Mother Earth and the Raging Sands.

The different colours in this design represent the different sands; the red and brown are the desert sands; the dark grey are the muddy river sands; the creamy white in the middle represent the beach sands. Our Mother Earth owns these sands and will one day walk to the sands.” – Kohen Sines

Handtufted NZ Wool Blend Custom sizing and colouring available


JARJUMS is a new collection designed by indigenous youth with The Rug Collection and Wirriimbi Designs. The children participated in a series of hands-on workshops, working with their families and elders to create designs telling the important stories of their culture.

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