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At M&M's Rug Shop we offer a home trial service to allow you to see a rug in your home.

This service is designed to allow you to see the rug in your space and ensure you are happy with the size, tonings and style before finalising your purchase.

The appearance of a rug, especially the colour, can vary due to factors such as the existing surrounding, colour palette and the lighting of the area.

We recommend considering all aspects when choosing a rug for your home. These may include design, colour, size and fibre before making your final decision.

We advise when the rug is placed in your home that you try it in both natural and artificial lighting. This can be done by turning your lights on and off or simply opening or closing your blinds/curtains.

We advise customers to bring in photos of the space where you are wanting the rug to go. A sofa cushion can also be particularly helpful when choosing a rug.

Even when the rug that you have taken home does not suit, the photo helps us provide more suitable alternatives.

See in store for further details.

Rugs not returned by the agreed date are considered sold, we will not accept the return of any rug showing signs of use or wear.

We will not accept returns or exchanges outside of these terms except where note on the orginal receipt or docket.

If for any reason you cannot return the rug as aranged you must contact us as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of the customer to return the rug as agreed or inform us otherwise.

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